Algebra » 211-220


Patterns: Identify, Complete, Extend
Applying Pattern Rules
Complete the Pattern
Mystery Operations
Peg Puzzle
Towers of Hanoi
Writing Pattern Rules
Relationship Rules for Patterns
Representing Patterns on a Graph
Use Input Output Tables to Represent Patterns
Whole Number Cruncher
Function Machine
Function Machine
Stop that Creature!
Understand, Interpret, and Use Number Sentences
Algebra Quiz Difficulty: Whole Numbers Only; One-Step & Two-Step Problems
Equation Match
Late Delivery Choose Level 1
Commutative, Associative, & Distributive Properties
Guess the Number Plus?
Multi/Div Relationships
Operation Four Choose Addition, Subtraction..., then Parenthesis
Operation Order
Order of Operations
Order of Operations
Order of Operations
Order of Operations Quiz Choose Addition, Subtraction..., then Parenthesis
Think of a Number