Count, Compare, and Represent Whole Numbers
Color by Number
Count Us In
The Counting Game
Fairground Target Game
Give the Dog a Bone
How Many?
Mend the Number Square
Miro on the Move
Post a Letter (Needs sound)
Sheep Counting
Count, Compare, and Represent Whole Numbers 
(Compare & Order)
Number Track
Number Track
Operations: Whole Numbers (Addition & Subtraction)
5 and a Bit
Addition Surprise
Alien Addition
Around the World in 80 Seconds Choose Addition or Subtraction,
then Level 2: Harder
Catch 10
Connect Sums
Count Hoot's Addition
Count Hoot's Subtraction
Dude's Dilemma Choose Addition or Subtraction,
then Level 2: Hard
Number Bond Machines
Save the Whale
Speed Grid Challenge - Addition
Speed Grid Challenge - Subtraction
Subtraction Bowling
Subtraction Machine Choose Level 1
Sum Sense Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction
Target Take Away
Ten Frame Choose 4. Add
Test the Toad
That's a Fact Choose Addition and Subtraction
Vertical Addition
Operations: Whole Numbers (Multiplication)
Around the World in 80 Seconds 
Multiplication, then Level 1: Easier
Dragon Facts
Dude's Dilemma Choose Multiplication, then Level 1: Easy
That's a Fact Choose Multiplication, then Facts to 12
Tony's Tire Shop