Summer Reading Challenge: Walk On Then Run

Summer learning loss refers to the decline in children's reading development that occurs during summer vacation when children are away from the classroom.


Summer reading during the summer months is tremendously important to student success.
More than two months of reading skills can be lost over the summer vacation period. Students who show up in fall with declined reading proficiency levels fall farther behind than students who maintain or gain in reading proficiency throughout the summer months. Declines can compound, resulting in over two years’ worth of lost reading development by 6th grade.


Summer learning loss can be fully overcome by encouraging students to read over the summer.
  • Reading just 4-6 books over the summer can help eliminate Summer Learning Loss.
  • Letting students choose their own books makes them more likely to read over the summer. 
    • It's important students find the right books based on their interests and reading level. Find the right book using the Lexile Framework for Reading's "Find A Book" tool.
  • Creating a structure for students as well as providing incentives can motivate kids to achieve their summer reading goals.
    • Walk On Then Run is looking to build a community of readers this summer to help kids achieve their goals as well as provide tips for parents along the way.

1st and 2nd Grade – Read at least 4 books this summer and receive 4 tickets* to Cal's opening game against the University of North Carolina on September 1st.

3rd through 6th Grade – Read at least 6 books this summer and receive 4 tickets* to Cal's opening game against the University of North Carolina on September 1st.

Walk-On Mentality Club – Since a walk-on is about going above and beyond, we would like to award those who complete the challenge and read two additional books. Walk-On Mentality Club members will be invited to an on-the-field meet and greet after the September 1st game. After signing up, parents will receive a summer reading journal via email. The journal will serve as an official voucher for the tickets. After completing the challenge and filling out the journal, students and their families can turn it into a Cal Ticket Office to receive their tickets.

*Additional tickets may be purchased alongside the 4 tickets received for completing the challenge.
If multiple students from the same household complete the challenge, an additional 2 tickets will be awarded per additional participant. Source: Walk On Then Run